How Yacht Share Works - Mediterranean

Key Points:
1: Maximum of 6 owners per yacht

2: Each owner has 8 weeks usage
3: Yacht based in Marmaris, Turkey
4: Flexible usage and freedom to explore

Each yacht in the syndication program has a maximum of 6 ownership units but one owner may hold more than one share.

Up to 8 weeks are allocated to each 1/6th ownership unit during the year. The maximum usage allocated to the peak/
shoulder April to November is 4 consecutive weeks. The remaining time is allocated equally amongst the owners during the
off-peak season.

Two to three days are allocated between each owner’s usage to allow adequate time for turnaround and preventative
maintenance. At least 2 weeks are allocated for annual winter maintenance.

The Mediterranean yachts operate from our base in Marmaris, Turkey where the Yacht Marina offers the best facilities in the

Although based in Marmaris, the yachts can be delivered to other ports. For example, one optional plan is to operate in
Greece and Turkey in year 1, Croatia in year 2, France and Italy in year 3.

The boat will be delivered to and returned from each cruising area at the beginning and end of the peak season with delivery
fees shared among the owners.

Cost Benefit Analysis Shared Ownership v Charter

Cost Benefit Analysis of Shared Yacht Ownership in the Mediterranean of a Dufour 530 based on 8 weeks usage: 4 weeks in
the high season and 4 weeks in the low season. Cost of 1/6 share in the yacht is $175,000. This comparison is with a Charter
Yacht, Dufour 520 owner version, 2020 build as at September 2021. Costs are in Australian dollars.

In addition to the obvious comparison in cost keep in mind that charter yachts operate within a restricted area and may
have to be returned to base at the end of the charter.

Technical Service and Management

Estimated maintenance fees are charged quarterly in advance to each unit holder.

Actual maintenance fees are charged at cost to each unit holder at the exchange rates applicable at the time of invoice –
plus related bank charges – and applied against the quarterly payments with a reconciliation at the end of each year.

Management Fees are charged in Australian dollars quarterly in advance to each unit holder.

Our partners in Turkey, SK Yachting, manage your yacht and all of the expenses incurred in the service and maintenance of
the yacht are billed at cost to the owners in Australian Dollars via Yacht Share Mariner in Australia.

Yacht base in Marmaris, Turkey

The team at SK Yachting

Enjoy the first class marina amenities

The service cost includes:

• Berthing of the vessel in a full service marina
• Comprehensive Insurance for the vessel
• Cleaning of the vessel after use
• Annual slipping
• Annual antifouling and hull polishing
• Engine services – two per year
• Sail-drive/leg service – one per year
• Regular engine check-ups including top-ups on oil, batteries, water, etc
• Vessel maintenance at approved facilities
Note: repairs requested outside of the home base may attract a charge for the owner requesting the repair
• Laundry service at turnaround
• Underwater hull scrubs - two per year
• Travel and accommodation for technical maintenance supervisor to ports other than Marmaris for the purposes of
carrying out the maintenance works.

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