How Yacht Share Works - Whitsundays

Key Points:
1: Owners per yacht either 8 or 9

2: Each owner has either 42 or 33 days usage
3: Yacht based at Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach
4: Flexible usage and freedom to explore

Each yacht in the syndication program has up to 9 shares on offer (4 shares of 12.5% and 5 shares of 10%). This means a Yacht Share owner can either own a 1/8th share or a 1/10th share.

Owners of a 1/8th share are allocated 42 days usage during the year, while owners of a 1/10th share are allocated 33 days during the year. Usage begins in the afternoon of the first day and ends by 10.00 AM on the disembarkation day unless otherwise agreed. There are no restrictions on the duration of each usage during that entitlement. Last minute bookings can be made on a space available basis. Four weeks are allocated for annual maintenance.

The Whitsunday based fleet will be managed to sail the East Coast of Australia according to the season with the main base in the Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach, Queensland.

With the agreement of the syndicate members the yacht may be delivered to another port by a professional crew, in which case transit time is not counted as part of owner usage, but the cost is shared by the owners.

The yacht will make the trip south in the summer to Pittwater and Sydney with the journey available to owners to take this passage as part of their annual entitlement. Otherwise, the yacht is delivered professionally from Airlie Beach, and the cost is shared as an owner expense.

Cost Benefit Analysis Sole Ownership v Shared Ownership v Charter

Cost Benefit Analysis of Shared Yacht Ownership in the Whitsundays of a Catana Bali 4.4 based on 6 weeks usage: There is no restriction on the duration of the usage within the 6 weeks. Cost of 1/8 share in the yacht is $212,000. This comparison is with a Charter Yacht, Catana Bali 4.3 2015 build, as at September 2021. Costs are in Australian dollars.

*This represents a cost benefit in the order of 60%, Charter fee does not include discounts or extras.

Sailing Experience and Qualifications

Boating is a glorious pastime. The sea, the elements, nature, freedom, excitement, and solitude are all at your fingertips. But some qualifications and experience are required in the interest of your enjoyment, and the safe use of the Bali 4.4.

An International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or its equivalent (RYA Day Skipper Certificate) is the minimum qualification for any new owner. This certificate is issued following a 4-hour theory and practical assessment by an instructor from an RYA accredited sailing school. We can facilitate this assessment for you and can also provide the RYA ICC Handbook, setting out the questions to which you will need the answers.

We also run a mandatory 2-day induction course for two people, with an RYA instructor from the Mainstay Sailing School in Airlie Beach on board the Bali 4.4, before you set off on your own. This course is at no cost to you and will ensure that all partners in your Bali syndicate will have similar familiarity with the systems onboard and competence in the operation of the vessel by you and your crew.

This is also an insurance requirement.

If you have an ICC Certificate (or equivalent), the 2-day induction course onboard the Bali 4.4 is all you will need before you set off on your own.

If you don’t have an ICC Certificate, we can plot your course to your boating competence together with our partners Above & Beyond Yachting, Yachtmaster and Mainstay Sailing Whitsundays.

Trusted Partners in Sailing Qualifications

Technical Service and Management in Australia

The yacht is serviced and maintained by Dream Yacht Charter, a highly experienced and reputable team. Management is by Yacht Share Mariner where you can be assured that you are in experienced hands, having managed yachts in the Mediterranean as well as in Australia.

Four weeks are kept free for annual maintenance and transits during the year.

Last minute bookings can be made on a space available basis.

The fees for technical service and management are all inclusive and payable monthly.

The inclusions are all listed below:

• Berthing of the vessel in a full service marina
• Comprehensive Insurance for the vessel
• Cleaning of the vessel after use
• Annual slipping
• Annual antifouling and hull polishing
• Engine services – two per year
• Sail-drive/leg service – one per year
• Regular engine check-ups including top-ups on oil, batteries, water, etc
• Vessel maintenance at approved facilities
Note: repairs requested outside of the home base may attract a charge for the owner requesting the repair
• Laundry service at turnaround
• Underwater inspection and hull scrubs
Please note that loss, damage or repair necessitated by improper use will be handled on a case by case basis and may be charged to the owner using the boat.

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