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The Yacht Share Mariner base in Marmaris, Turkey is part of a longstanding relationship with our partners SK Yachting. Here the SK Yachting staff will assist you in every conceivable way to ensure your needs are met. The world standard marina offers all the boat services and includes an excellent restaurant with swimming pool. Located eight kilometres from central Marmaris it is serviced by a regular bus service.

Before you board your yacht take some time to explore the town and become captivated by the Turkish people, cuisine and atmosphere. Like nothing you will experience in our local sailing destinations here you will find a tavern, or simple restaurant in every cove or bay.

Mooring your yacht in this area is often assisted by eager welcoming locals who will call you in, take your lines and tie you safely to the key. You will then be expected to eat at the local restaurant which will not be an unpleasant surprise as you see what can come from the sometimes very basic kitchen in a bay with no road access.

If you like to anchor out stock up in the Turkish markets where mouth-watering seasonal fruits, salad and vegetable are second to none. Add famous cheeses, pastries meats and spices to your store and cook on board.

Very close to the Turkish coast are the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. Here a ‘similar but different’ type of welcome awaits you. Every island you visit will be a new experience but the waters between the two cultures are clean and irresistible.

In your itinerary allow time to step ashore in these historic towns and experience the sights, the ambience, customs and culture of these proud and welcoming locals.

Your allocated two months on board your shared yacht will pass all too quickly.

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