Share the Yacht, Live the Dream

Your yacht floats peacefully at anchor just off the world-famous Whitehaven Beach in Australia’s Whitsunday Islands. You walk down the stairs at the back of your brand new Catana Bali 4.4 catamaran, and dive into the 23-degree crystal clear water. You backstroke to the front of the boat, look up and feel the unshakable sense of relief that this piece of bliss comes without any of the hassles usually associated with owning a boat.

You come back to your yacht and into the cockpit, press the button at the stern and the revolutionary rear tilt door opens to connect the whole saloon with the cockpit. You approach the galley passing the fridge with icemaker in the door, but it’s a coffee you are looking for. The galley in the centre of the boat has another door at the front opening onto a second cockpit with seating area. Two coffees are passed through the sliding window as your partner joins you to sit quietly while the family stirs.

This is the last day of six idyllic weeks to which your 1/8th share in the Bali entitles you. After a leisurely sail with the trade wind urging you along it’s time to head back into the Airlie Beach Marina where the shore crew from Dream Yacht Charter  checks you in.

Simply pack the bags, speak to the shore crew about any necessary repairs, and leave. Knowing you are the part owner of this beautiful yacht and can log into the booking system, make your travel arrangements and turn up again next year. The rest is done by  Yacht Share Mariner and partners.

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