About Yacht Share Mariner

Key Points:
1:   Worldwide experience
2: Specialists in shared yacht ownership and management
3:   Reliable and friendly
4:  Deep passion for yachting and enjoying life on the water

Mariner Boating Holidays has been delivering dream holidays since inception in 1985. Trevor Joyce’s famous sailing rallies are legendary! Bringing the excitement of exploration from the sea to hundreds of people through yacht charter, he is now bringing affordable yacht ownership.

Yacht Share Mariner sells and manages shares in New Yacht Syndicates and with this comes the intoxicating freedom to sail at will.

In 2015 Trevor partnered the establishment of a yacht syndication venture in Turkey where the idea of sharing a yacht grew.

Now, in Australia, Yacht Share Mariner offers syndicated ownership with management of yachts based at Hamilton Island where technical and operational services are provided in the winter season.

A comprehensive range of technical and other marine services is offered in both our home ports, Hamilton Island in the winter season and Empire Marina, Lake Macquarie in the summer.

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