Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose equipment and specification?
The foundation partner in a new syndicate selects the options over and above those included

How much will my yacht depreciate during the term of the syndicate?
Typically a well maintained, non-chartered yacht in will depreciate at a rate of about 7% to 10% per annum.

Can the inventory be expanded during the contract?
You can purchase new major equipment for the boat provided 100% of the syndicate members agree.

What are the outgoings apart from maintenance and repairs?
YSM charge a management fee and then there is the capital cost spread across the three years of the contract.

What is the configuration of the yacht?
The configuration is always the owner version.

Can I use my entitlement in a destination other Turkey?
We can arrange delivery to any Mediterranean port with the cost being shared if the other members are happy to use their entitlement in the same location. Otherwise the delivery cost is met by the owner who wants to move the yacht and the delivery times would come out of his usage entitlement.

In Australia we are considering locations other than the Whitsundays: Hervey Bay, Sydney and New Caledonia.

Can my friends use my entitlement?
Yes, provided the nominated skipper has the appropriate sailing qualifications to be listed on the insurance policy.

Can I sell my share during the term of the syndicate agreement?
Yes. A share can be offered to the other shareholders, then to the general market.

What is the price of a share?
The price of a share is based on the ex-factory price with the options and varies with each yacht

What if I have no sailing experience?
We can help with practical and online tuition to enable you to skipper your yacht. For the Bali 4.4 tuition an online Day Skipper Course and a mandatory 2 day induction onboard with an RYA instructor is included.