How does a YSM Yacht Syndicate Work?

Key Points:
1: Equity Ownership – You are Tenants in Common
2: Walk on Walk off
3: Assistance available before, after and during
4: Yacht is not available for charter

Foundation Syndicate Partner

Usually in a new syndicate we have a Foundation Partner who orders the boat from YSM and pays the deposit to YSM. This makes the sale of the shares in the syndicate much easier because it means we can put the ex-factory date on the calendar and start the cruise planning to fit the seasons. Typically, the build time is 12 – 18 months.

The Foundation Syndicate Partner enjoys a lower price for the share or shares and further, selects the finishes, style, and factory options according to preferences.

Joining a Syndicate

This will not only please your accountant as your cost of a yacht is shared but it also enriches your sailing experience because of the exchange we encourage between owners. People talk about where they have been and who they have seen. It also gives you access to a wealth of knowledge that comes from our personal experience at Mariner Group in the sailing destinations.

An enquiry generated by our marketing activity will hopefully lead to a conversation with Trevor Joyce and maybe your expression of interest. The next step is the full syndicate agreement and, if the terms are acceptable to you, a deposit is then payable to confirm your place in a syndicate.

Once a syndicate is fully subscribed, we start a series of on-line meetings where we discuss the details on options, the downstream planning of the hand over and delivery to the base. The process detailed in the syndicate agreement will have determined the initial use of the yacht, then the online booking system takes over.

What does it cost

The price of a share in a syndicate varies and reflects the cost of the yacht plus the factory and other options, the full cruising equipment, and the delivery.

Syndicate partners may take more than one share.

Full payment may be required at confirmation subject to the proximity of the ex- factory date.

At the end of the three-year management contract the yacht is offered for sale and the proceeds shared between the share-holders - or the management agreement can be extended.

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