How Yacht Share Works

Key Points:
1: Freedom to explore
2: We manage service and maintenance
3: Yacht cleaning is done for you
4: Yacht ownership made manageable

Yacht Share Mariner offers luxury shared yacht ownership on the east coast of Australia. Cruising to some of the most interesting and remote location on your own yacht is easier than you think.

YSM works with the most exciting brand in the catamaran world – BALI by Catana.

An owner may purchase more than one unit. The term of the Syndicate Agreement is three years, at the end of which the yacht is sold with the proceeds shared between the owners, or the syndicate agreement can be extended.

An owner may offer a share for sale at any time.

Our syndicated yachts are not offered for charter at any time.

The syndicate has a contract with Yacht Share Mariner for the management of the yacht.

YSM management services include but are not limited to the following:

• Management of the use of the vessel in accordance with the syndicate agreement.
• Coordination of all maintenance activities for the vessel
• Coordination of vessel readiness for each unit holder
• Coordination of vessel return by each owner
• Coordination of delivery of the vessel to alternative cruising areas
• Assistance with pre-departure planning
• Assistance with itinerary changes during a cruise
• Annual inspection of the vessel
• Administration
• Trust accounting and reporting
• Invoicing and receipting for all maintenance and management fees

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